True Novelist Features

Writing a novel is a large undertaking. True Novelist was created to make the process as easy as possible for authors. This is how we do it.

Organize Your Story

Organize your writing and research in a way that makes sense to you. Create separate folders for characters, places, research, and more. You can create as many folders and scenes as you like.

Need to move a scene or chapter? Just drag and drop it to its new location.

Story Navigation

See Your Statistics

Nothing is more motivating than knowing how much progress you have made on your story. See daily statistics on your words per minute, overall words typed, and more.

View Your Daily Writing Statistics

Set Goals

Set daily word count goals, and track your overall progress. View the last few days and see how many times you have reached your goal.
Set Daily Word Goal

Take Snapshots

Doing a little bit of experimental writing on a scene? Take snapshots of your work, so you can rollback to an earlier version at any time.
Take Snapshots Of Your Writing

Format Your Novel

Need to add some emphasis to a sentence? Add basic formatting to your novel - italics, bold, and underline, among others.
Format Your Novel

Auto Save

Work is autosaved to the cloud as soon as you stop typing - work anywhere you have an internet connection.

You Own Your Data

Want to back up your novel on your own computer? Export all of your notes, scenes, and research at any time.
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